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Revival Phase-2 Report

District : Kurnool
SNo.Scheme NameAyacut(in Acres)Admin Sanction Amount (Rs in Lakhs)Present stage of repairsNature Of RepairImageGis
1 Bheemunipadu LIS 316.0033.00Grounded and work is in ProgressCivil works
Eletrical & Mechanical Works
3 Kadidoddi LIS(T O)300.0016.92CompletedCivil works
4 Kakarawada LIS-II216.0030.40CompletedCivil Works
5 Kandukur LIS (IDC)590.0039.46CompletedElectromechanical Works
6 Kandukur LIS (T O)300.0039.80CompletedElectromechanical works
7 Mantralayam LIS320.00161.50CompletedCivil works
Electromechanical Works
9 Nadikairawadi LIS-I320.0022.08CompletedElectromechanical works
10 Peddayemmanur LIS 248.0034.80CompletedCivil works
Electromechanical Works
12 Tangutur LIS492.0070.60CompletedCivil works
13 Thimmanadoddi LIS750.00240.50CompletedCivil works
Electromechanical Works
15 Uyyalawada LIS455.00100.00CompletedCivil
Note: In Prakasam district Schemes under revival are renumbered to 84 against 108