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Revival Phase-2 Report

District : Guntur
SNo.Scheme NameAyacut(in Acres)Admin Sanction Amount (Rs in Lakhs)Present stage of repairsNature Of RepairImageGis
1 Ameensahebpalem LIS 560.0025.68CompletedEle & Mech Repairs
Pipe Line Leakages
3 Annavaram-1 LI Scheme 225.00115.50Grounded and work is in ProgressReconstruction of Head Works, Laying of Gravity Mains
4 Basikapuram -1 LIS 160.0017.50CompletedElec & Mech Repairs
5 Basikapuram LIS 254.0035.19CompletedElecl.Mechl.Repairs
Gravity main
7 Boggaram LI Scheme 1910.00123.80CompletedRepalcement of Pump House, Replacement of RCC Pipes
Replacement of Pumpsets and Transformers
9 Boppudi-2 LI Scheme 410.0061.15CompletedGravity Main
10 Chinaturakapalem (T.O)LIS264.007.30CompletedElecl.Mechl.Repairs
11 Chintalapudi LIS 725.0043.00CompletedIntake Pipe Line , Sump Well
12 Chintapallipadu LIS 600.0087.00CompletedElec & Mech Repairs
Preasuremain Replacement
14 Dandamudi -2LIS 100.004.19Grounded and work is in ProgressElec & Mech Repairs
15 Dandamudi-I LIS 256.00102.40CompletedElec & Mech Repairs
16 Ganapavaram-1&2 and Pedapuluguvaripalem LIS 1800.0034.00CompletedElec & Mech Repairs
Gravity Main
18 Ginjupalli LIS-1 200.0019.50CompletedElec & Mech Repairs
Gravity Main Extension
20 Gopalamvaripalem LI Scheme 3950.0093.00CompletedE & M works.
Repairs o check dam across vagu
22 Govindapuram-1 (T.O)LIS 261.003.75CompletedElecl.Mechl.Repairs
Repairs to Pipe line
24 Jaladi-1 LIS 385.0055.00Grounded and work is in ProgressGravity Pipe Line
New Transormer, Elec & Mech Rapairs
26 Kanaparru LIS 425.0018.00CompletedElec & Mech Repairs
27 Kankanalapalli LIS 255.00117.50CompletedElec & Mech Repairs
Repairs to Presure Main
29 Karlapalem LIS700.0048.22CompletedReplacement of Pumps & Motors, Transformer and Valves
30 Kastala LIS770.0016.20CompletedElecl. Mechl.Repairs
31 Kasukarru (SCSP)275.0045.60CompletedElecl.Mechl.Replacements
Gravity mains
33 Kavuru (T.O)LIS 1062.0022.50CompletedElecl.Mechl.Repairs
Repairs to Pipe line
35 Kavuru-1 LIS 70.006.95CompletedRepalcement of Suction and Delivery pipes, Repairs to Elec. & Mech Items
36 Kavuru-2 LIS 105.008.16CompletedRepalcement of Suction and Delivery pipes, Repairs to Elec. & Mech Items
37 Kesanupalli LIS on Kuppaganji Vagu550.007.10CompletedElec & Mech Repairs
38 KondaKavuru -1 LIS on Ogeru Vagu250.0015.12CompletedElec & Mech Repairs
39 Maddirala -4 LIS 421.0018.64CompletedElec & Mech Repairs
Repairs to Pipe Line
41 Mulakaluru-III LIS 400.0044.68CompletedRepairs to Pnnel Board Sluice Valves and Reflux Valves
Repairs to Presure Main
43 Mylavaram LIS 1722.00124.50CompletedRepairs to Pressure Main
Replacement of Pump Sets,MS Pipes,valves and Transformers
45 Nadendla -1&2 LIS398.0040.15CompletedCanal Improvements.
Elecl. Mechl.Repairs
47 Nadendla -4 LIS 198.0025.70CompletedElec & Mech Repairs
Repairs to Pipe Line
49 Nadendla -5 LIS 700.0014.74CompletedElec & Mech Repairs
50 Narayanareddy Puram LIS 120.0040.58CompletedReplacement of
Replacement of Pump sets,MS pipes and valves
52 Pakalapdu L.I.S 720.0054.00CompletedIntake pipe Line , Presure Main (part) Check Dam
53 Pedakancherla LIS ( TO LIS)351.0014.65CompletedRepairs to Pressure Main
54 Pedakancherla LIS 414.0019.86CompletedReplacement of Pump Sets, MS Pipes and Valves
55 Peravalipalem LIS 1 421.0037.75CompletedConstruction of Gravity Main
Ele & Mech Repairs
57 Peravalipalem LIS 2 151.008.29CompletedEle & Mech Repairs
58 Putchakurthivaripalem LIS222.0021.00CompletedGravity Main
59 Thimmapuram-2 LIS 435.0025.14CompletedElec & Mech Repairs
Repairs to Pipe Line
61 Thimmapuram-3 LIS 1061.0055.45CompletedElec & Mech Repairs
Repairs to Pipe Line
63 Ummadivaram LIS 680.0030.70Grounded and work is in ProgressRepairs to Pumps.Pannel Board.Transformer Cables MS Barrel
Replacement of RCC Pressure Main of 300 Mts
65 Unguturu LIS720.0089.24CompletedElec & Mech Repairs
Presuremain Repalcement
67 Uppalapadu LIS 89.006.78CompletedElec & Mech Repairs
68 Uppalapadu-2 LIS 405.007.20CompletedElec & Mech Repairs
Pipe Line Leakages
70 Uppalapadu-3 LIS 1600.0018.39CompletedElec & Mech Repairs
Pipe Line Leakages
72 Velamavaripalem LIS 200.0011.92CompletedRepairs to Pannel Board, Sluice Valves, Reflux Valves, MS Barrel
73 Veluru L.I. Scheme 1550.00255.00CompletedConstruction of Pump House and Gravity Main
Pumps and Motors replacement
Note: In Prakasam district Schemes under revival are renumbered to 84 against 108